LEED pricing update effective December 1

The new pricing will include full access to the brand new arc platform, which was announced at this year’s Greenbuild Conference & Expo.

Arc is a green building performance platform that is fully integrated with LEED online and will allow any building – whether LEED certified or not – to immediately start measuring performance, make improvements and benchmark against itself. Arc also offers LEED 2009 and LEED v4 certified projects an easy way to track required energy and water performance data.

View the new pricing tables
LEED registration provides your team with access to LEED Online and now access to the fully integrated arc platform. LEED Online allows you to track LEED credits and strategies and facilitate LEED certification from start to finish. USGBC has invested significant resources over the last several years to ensure that LEED Online and now the fully integrated arc platform deliver a consistent and quality experience for LEED project teams.
In order to lock in current LEED registration rates and also receive access to arc, projects must register by Dec. 1, 2016. And to lock in current LEED certification rates, projects must complete certification or pre-pay certification fees before March 1, 2017. As always, GBCI is committed to customer excellence and if you need additional time to pre-pay your project fees, please reach out to us.

Key changes include:

  • $300 increase for project registration (for commercial projects)
  • New residential pricing and updated options for residential projects pursuing appeals
  • New minimum thresholds introduced for fees
  • All currently registered and certified LEED projects will have automatic access to arc as of December 1, 2016
  • Optimized pricing considerations for large scale projects, portfolios, campus and volume program participants

For most customers, this is a modest price increase and the first from GBCI since 2010. Questions or concerns?  contact us.