NCASLA Legislative Alert/Update

NCASLA Legislative Alert/Update

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To North Carolina ASLA members and non-members,

On February 2, 2016 members of the NCASLA Executive Committee, NCASLA Lobbyists, and NCBLA attended the Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee – Subcommittee on Oversight of Occupational Licensing Boards meeting in Raleigh. It was a packed house with representatives for many of the other occupational licensee boards in attendance. Attendees included a variety of representatives that fall under the “Occupational Licensing Boards” and not just the Boards on the so called “List of Twelve”.
NCALSA and NCBLA were given the opportunity to speak at the beginning of the meeting. Our comments were well received and following the meeting we were able to speak with each subcommittee member directly and discuss our concerns in greater detail, as well as, walk them through a packet of information we had provided to members of this subcommittee in advance of the meeting.
In advance of the February 2, 2016 meeting NCASLA worked closely with Sen. Andy Well’s office to determine what exactly we could do to assist the Subcommittee. Based on those conversations the subcommittee is currently looking for a comparison between the Occupational Licensing Boards of NC and our neighboring States and as applicable, nationally. NCASLA submitted a packet of information to the subcommittee late last week that addresses their current focus.
You can find that NCASLA Submittal here

The February 2, 2016 meeting was very short. Afterwards members of the NCASLA Executive Committee, NCASLA Lobbyist’s, and NCBLA debriefed and in general this is what we took away from the meeting.
• The PED report does not seem to be carrying as much weight as it did initially. There have not been any public statements stating that, however many of the licensing boards have formally stated they have concerns with the PED report and it findings. It is unclear how the PED report, or in what context, is going to be used moving forward. Until we are officially told otherwise, NCASLA will continue to work towards getting off the PED reports “List of Twelve”
• Sen. Wells and the subcommittee are looking at a comparison of all NC Licensing Boards in relation to our neighboring states. Sen. Well’s perspective seems to be more focused on making sure that occupational licensing in NC is not more than what our neighbors are doing. This is good news for Landscape Architects, as we align very closely with them all.

Members of the NCASLA Executive Committee will attend the next Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee – Subcommittee on Oversight of Occupational Licensing Boards meeting in Raleigh, February 18, 2016.

You are likely asking “What can you I do to help?”

• If you see an email from NCASLA – read it. NCASLA or NCBLA may be soliciting your help to attend a meeting, sign a letter, or complete an online form to send to your Legislator or members of the PED committee.
• You can always reach out to your local legislative representative to discuss our profession and share your perspective. It would benefit our profession more when these types of issues come up, if they know more about whom we are and what we do. It may help to prevent us being on the next list. Click here for a great resource document.
• For all the ASLA Members – Thank you for your continued support.
• For non-ALSA members – We need your help and support! Become a member and help our profession. What does it say about the state of our profession when nearly half the Licensed Landscape Architects in North Carolina are not members of their own professional association? Half of us are paying to benefit the other half that is not. ASLA has established a monthly payment option to make it easy for individuals to become members. Help protect our licensure…if you are not a member become one today. (Link to ASLA Membership Join Page)
NCASLA, ASLA, NCASLA lobbyists, and NCBLA are working collaboratively to address this issue and protect the licensure of landscape architects in North Carolina. We will continue to keep you posted on this extremely important issue. If you have specific questions, please send them to Debora Steenson at


R. Michael Mullis, PLA, ASLA
Past President NCASLA
Member at Large – Legislative Affairs – NCASLA