Free Landscape Tour of Greenville's Main Street

Free Landscape Tour of Greenville’s Main Street

ASLA newsletter: Register for a free landscape tour of Greenville’s Main Street on October 08; learn about its significant design history

A plan to revitalize Greenville’s Main Street was completed by Lawrence Halprin & Associates in the late 1970s, following years of relocation by local business to the suburbs. Halprin’s plan was two-fold: lure business back downtown, and beautify the neighborhood so that people will want to shop there. Today’s Main Street is bustling with people. The concepts from Halprin’s streetscape plan remain intact, but some details have evolved with the needs and the taste of the users (ie: curbs, signage, planters).

Guide Dale Westermeier, Deputy Director for Greenville’s Parks & Rec dept, will identify those features and facilitate a discussion around the challenges that have emerged in maintaining the original streetscape design as well as the ideas that were instrumental in spurring a successful revitalization. A highlight of the discussion will focus on Greenville’s robust tree program. Each tree has been evaluated individually and recommendations have been developed for maintenance or removal. Westermeier will describe the growing systems put in place to maintain healthy trees.

The upcoming tour is offered through The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s What’s Out There program to highlight the centennial of master landscape architect Lawrence Halprin’s birth year and examine his design legacy. Registration is free on The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s website: Space is limited.

All photos by Charles Birnbaum, 2013

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